You may refer to this courtesy letter provided by the court which explains the citation and your options. You may pay a Sealy Municipal Court Citation by clicking here or visiting:

If your citation has been assigned to the Justice of the Peace you may contact them using the information provided below:


Precinct One

Judge Richard (Rick) Yancey

One East Main

Bellville, Texas 77418

Phone: 979-865-9171

Fax: 979-865-8928



Precinct Two

Judge Wilfred W. Krause

 P.O. Box 176

 Industry,  TX  78944

 Phone: 979-357-4477

Fax: 979-357-4470



Precinct Three

Judge Cheryl Kollatschny

 201 Atchison

 Sealy, TX  77474

Phone: 979-885-3195

Fax: 979-885-1156




Precinct Four

Judge Bernice Burger

 P.O. Box 760

 Wallis, TX  77485

Phone: 979-478-6723



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