Canine Unit

The Sealy Police Dept. currently has one canine team that consists of one officer with his canine partner, Hawk. Officer Gum and K9 Hawk patrol the streets of Sealy on a full time basis. K9 Scout recently retired from SPD in August, 2012 and is now enjoying being a family pet.


The canine unit is utilized in several different ways when deployed on shift. Hawk is a 5 year old Belgian Malanois. He is a dual-purpose Narcotic detection and suspect apprehension canine that was imported from Europe and has received training both in Europe and in the United States prior to being placed on patrol. Because of this, several of Hawk’s commands are in different languages.


Hawk resides with Officer Gum when they are not on duty and is part of the family. This gives Hawk a chance to socialize with people other than Officer Gum and to have a secure location so they can recover from the stress of a normal working day.


If you see Hawk out on the streets it is important to ask Officer Gum for permission to pet him as he is trained to protect Officer Gum from a sudden attack. Hawk could misinterpret a sudden movement towards Officer Gum as a threat. In addition, because of the strenuous nature of the work he does, Hawk occasionally develops sore spots which Officer Gum would be generally aware of and can help you avoid.

Hawk is a member of SPD and is defined in the Texas law  as a “police service animal.” It is a violation of the Texas Penal Code for a person to recklessly taunt, torment, strike, throw  an object or substance at or to interfere with a police service animal. A person who violates these laws could be cited or even  arrested.

Hawk has his own kennel in Officer Gum’s patrol vehicle and is even equipped with his own special made body armor. One of the most common deployments Hawk does is for Narcotics detection. Because of the extensive training Hawk receives and his acute sense of smell, he is extremely proficient in locating hidden Narcotics. Hawk often locates illegal Narcotics in areas that officers cannot see.


Hawk is also trained to locate and apprehend violent criminal suspects. Hawk can track and locate suspects that have fled crime scenes, search large open areas such as parks, fields and parking lots and search buildings including crawl spaces and attics. In addition to finding and apprehending the actual suspects, Hawk can be used to locate articles that have been dropped or hidden by fleeing suspects, such as weapons or clothing. These article searches are performed just like Hawk might search for a suspect.

Even though Officer Gum and K9 Hawk work a normal 40 hour work week they are available to call out for other officers who need them so our community has access to this valuable resource 24/7.

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